Batumi is a large city located on the Black Sea coast in the southern part of Georgia. Here are some basic facts about Batumi:


Batumi is a major port and resort city on the Black Sea coast, in Adjara, one of the regions of Georgia. It is an important tourist center of the country.


The city has a rich history that includes influences from various cultures such as Greek, Roman, Ottoman and Russian. Batumi was a key port on trade routes between Europe and Asia.


Batumi has a temperate subtropical climate, characterized by mild winters and cool summers. This makes it a popular resort all year round.


The city attracts tourists with its beaches, promenades, entertainment centers, restaurants and cultural attractions. There are many interesting places to visit such as the Botanical Garden, Europe Square, many beaches and the famous boulevard.


The city can see a variety of architectural styles, from modern buildings to ancient monuments, which are a consequence of the different stages of Batumi’s history.


In addition to tourism, important sectors of Batumi’s economy are the seaport, agriculture, manufacturing and services.

Cultural heritage

The city has many museums, theaters and cultural centers that reflect the rich history and traditions of this region.

Batumi is not only an important economic center, but also an attractive destination for tourists due to its rich cultural heritage, natural beauty and variety of entertainment.

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