The Caucasus is divided into two main parts – the Greater Caucasus and the Lesser Caucasus. The Great Caucasus is located in the north and stretches from east to west. The Lesser Caucasus is located south of the Greater Caucasus. Both parts of the mountain system are home to many high mountains, peaks, gorges and valleys.

Mountain peaks

The Caucasus is home to several famous mountain peaks, including Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe at 5,642 meters, and Kazbek (5,033 meters). These peaks attract climbers and tourists from all over the world.


The Caucasus has a variety of climatic and ecological zones, including mountain forests, alpine meadows, alpine pastures and snowy peaks. Rich fauna and flora can be found in these mountains.

Cultural heritage

The Caucasus is also rich in cultural heritage and history. This region has been home to various ethnic groups, including Caucasian peoples such as Circassians, Ingush, Ossetians, etc. A variety of dialects and cultural traditions can be found here.


The Caucasus is enriched by many rivers, including the Kuban, Terek and Kura. Many of these rivers originate in the mountains and flow into the Caspian and Black Seas.


The Caucasus attracts tourists and outdoor enthusiasts, offering many opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, mountaineering, skiing and other outdoor activities.


The Caucasus has been and remains the object of geopolitical attention, as it is the intersection of the interests of various countries and regional conflicts. There are various conflicts and disputes in the region, such as the conflict in South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Caucasus Mountains

The Caucasus Mountains are a mountain system located in Eurasia, in southern Russia and northern Georgia. This mountain range separates the Caspian and Black Seas and stretches for approximately 1,100 kilometers.

The Caucasus is an amazing region rich in history, nature and culture, and it continues to be an interesting and important destination for both researchers and tourists.

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